The Oxford Interfaith Forum, the recipient of the UN co-sponsored The HM King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize 2023 for Religious Literacy, is a global interfaith learning community with its signature Thematic International Interfaith Reading Groups.

We facilitate collaboration between academia, professionals, and policymakers across the world by exploring various academic disciplines in interfaith contexts with interdisciplinary lenses.

Our purpose is to make interfaith cooperation a vital part of education and ultimately a positive force in our society.

We acknowledge that interfaith cooperation is the key to transforming a religiously diverse society into a more just, kind, and pluralistic nation.

We aim at educating the next generation for a multifaith world and equipping them with the vision, knowledge, and skills to engage positively with complex issues of religious and worldview diversity.

We believe that a religiously pluralistic society stands on three pillars:

✓ Respect for Identities

✓ Mutually Inspiring Relationships

✓ Commitment to the Common Good

We offer expertise and experience needed for bridging differences and finding common values for the people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions.

We invite individuals and institutions to partner with us on bridge-building projects.