Dr Amina Boukail is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Jijel, Algeria. She received her Doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Annaba in 2016 on the topic of Arabic Elements in Hebrew Maqamat (Alharizi).

Amina studies how the Jewish intellectuals adopted and adapted at the same time, Arabic culture in the Iberian Peninsula. Her current research interests include: Arabic Medieval literature; Cultural Contacts in Medieval Iberia; Cultural Minorities in the Arab world; Hebrew Cultures in North Africa; Sephardic Literature and Judeo-Arabic Heritage in Algeria; Muslim-Jewish Relationship in Algeria; Colonialism and Literature.

Most recently, Amina’s research focused on the Sephardic Culture in Algeria after the expulsion of Jews from Spain 1492. She studies the 16th and the 17the century literary texts, both religious and secular. Through these texts, Amina plans to explore the Sephardic culture resisted and influenced new contexts. Her aim is to document the manifestations of Jewish identity in these texts.

In her studies, Amina approaches Sacred Literature as a space embodying the identity of the writer and presenting his/her relationship transparently and honestly with the Other.

Amina believes that Literature can be a symbiotic coexistence between different peoples in different periods, as it is in the Iberian Peninsula, and she is interested to explore this idea with the Sacred Literature in Interfaith Contexts Reading Group.


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