Professor Nadine Unger is a climatologist who has studied the role of human activities and forests on the Earth’s climate. She worked with NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in NY, USA analyzing how different human activities impact climate. She created a global-scale model that could evaluate the impact of reducing the levels sulphur in jet fuel on air quality.

Nadine used the Yale University supercomputer to study the impact of the volatile organic compounds released during wildfires. She has argued that to achieve the Paris Agreement temperature targets wealthy countries will have to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy-use.

Nadine was a Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Modelling at the University of Exeter. Her research focuses on the development and application of numerical Earth system models to understand and predict interactions between natural and human-induced changes in air quality and climate change. She is a former Co-Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Biogenic Hydrocarbons and the Atmosphere and a Lead Author for IPCC AR6 WG1 on the short-lived climate forcers and air quality.

Nadine is a graduate of the Women’s International Leadership Program in New York.